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I'm a simple fun loving nerd into WoW, anything Star Wars and comic books, I love metal and my amazing girlfriend, oh and my friends are better than yours!

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If you don’t know, then you’d better ask somebody!

At groundkontrol with my love and war and doing this to my self cuz death isn't here

How much more i need to go

How I'm doing...

I have been defeated but I couldn't be happier best bbq ever!!!!


Haha just saw you talking about the new kid Icarus 3ds game. This is the only way I can play my 3ds.

Now THIS is some fresh produce.

Yes this is real. And if you can't read the bottle some of the tag lines are; grip&sip! And it's flavor you ask?Purple!

How the fuck...

Greatest show or greetist show?

Where is your sandwich ascension? mine RIGHT here

Lol yeah that just happened. There's so much room for activities. Is it wrong to be excited over this?

Welcome to LA... How any one could deal with this everyday is beyond me...

Liter o cola, do we sell liter o cola

Fuckin', BENDY STRAW!!!!

Rocking my face off with scramming along to awake by textures!!

Boba fett want treat?

BBQ? Translation, drunken science!!

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