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Do you guys like my Walter White cosplay?

Please disregard the natural splendor in the background and focus on the disgusting apostrophe in the foreground.

Last day at Telluride. Here's the view from the deck where I'm working. Extraordinary.

I really think I'm going to start spending more time on Facebook just to spotlight grown adults who are idiots.

From Facebook. Well, that settles it! I'm definitely voting for Mitt Romney's father instead of Barack Obama's father!

No, the use of school grounds IS dedicated. Bad sign! #telluride

No, the use of school grounds IS reserved! Bad sign! Bad sign!! #telluride

EXCLUSIVE! Preview of tomorrow's paper!

Hmm. Yeah. Weird! I don't know how anyone would ever get these two mixed up!

Today I learned what happens when dumb people Google "d snider" looking for Dee Snider:

Just received this email from a concerned citizen: #oboma

A man as ugly as Abraham Lincoln never could have been elected today. He looked like an evil leprechaun.

Discovered: journal entry from April 2002, just after my first visit to Portland. Prophetic! (I moved here in 2005.)

As I recall, this was one of the less successful sequels to THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN.

Apparently the HUNGER GAMES Blu-ray release is being celebrated at empty buildings that used to be Blockbusters.

Remember the time , myself, Lisa Rosman, and were on a panel with Gus Fring??

Here is the very important note that I jotted down during SPARKLE:

Check out KING OF THE CAMP's lead actor's only other credit:

As points out, this may be Egon Spengler's prom photo, not mine.

And here's my senior prom photo. We both look like we are surprised to be there.