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Junko says hi, by the way:

Did somebody say Stick Hitler??

Evidence of aforementioned meeting with . cc: .

Stranded at DFW w/ a few other attendees. Forming alliances, planning betrayals, etc. Current mood:

Can't tweet, dying of niece-nephew cuteness, send help.

Here, TIME, I fixed that for you.

I made up some names that are even more British than "Benedict Cumberbatch."

Actual PARKS & RECREATION character names, as given in the show and/or in the closing credits. I love these.

Hey look who I found! The Internet's !

No, but it does offer a skewed take on a familiar hotel phrase.

Failure to understand the point of a joke, as Kyle Smith does twice in this excerpt, has to be deliberate.


"Your review must be posted between 12:01 a.m. and 5:29 a.m., no earlier, no later."

My 2.5-year-old nephew makes me proud again. #llewyndavis

First WALTER MITTY, now this. Papa John's is really workin' the product placement!

Pretty good example of why gun fetishists are terrifying, and not in the way they want to be.

Not pictured: me accepting Uncle Of The Year Award for bringing a screener of FROZEN.

My thoughts on DUCK DYNASTY.

Some thought-provoking HOBBIT discussions taking place over at Rotten Tomatoes.