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@AP's social media editor, helping 2K+ journalists with newsgathering and engagement. I enjoy finding berries in parks, but changing diapers is my main hobby.

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People inspecting boats during a boat show in Lake George (and someone parasailing in the background):

There's some kind of classic car and boat show in Lake George:

The beach in downtown Lake George:

Weighing options for tonight in Lake George. Suddenly I feel like the rodeo:

Another view of Lake George, looking north:

Here's the view back toward the town of Lake George from the pier on the lake:

Here's the lake that is Lake George, as seen from the town of Lake George:

Strolling around Lake George, N.Y., with . Here's Canada Street, the main drag:

Popped up to while looking around for some lunch. The view back toward the office:

Lovely day in NYC. Cool air, even a breeze at my back. Take me home, gentle Zephyr! #gratuitousmelodrama

My building's new elevator looks like my living room in the '70s. And it smells like cucumbers. A photo:

Another shot of the Hudson from Hastings....

Just popped up to Hastings to visit some friends and their new baby. Here's the view up the Hudson:

The seagulls above the main Manhattan post office are in excellent voice this morning:

Crazy storm in NYC. Take cover! Hail on the window a/c in my living room:

Another shot of the Great Lawn (still empty):

Another Central Park apple tree, also near the Met:

One of the many apples lying in the grass near the aforementioned Central Park apple tree:

Here, near the Met, is one of a handful of (non-crabapple) apple trees in Central Park:

The lawn? As in, the Great Lawn? I happen to be right there: