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Weeks after moving, we're finally putting books away. Thoughts on my organizational system?

One more shot near the Harlem Meer — peachy maple leaves near the water:

Here's a last gasp of autumn in Central Park — a red maple and a willow:

A fisherman casts his line on the shore of Central Park's Harlem Meer:

Here's the Harlem Meer in Central Park, looking northeast from the south shore:

Thanksgiving goose, anyone? Plenty to choose from in the cemetery:

Out for a Thanksgiving stroll in the Philly suburbs. It looks wintry — barely any leaves on the trees:

Was the floor at this color last week? I don't think it was. Extreme Christmas makeover?

I'll conclude today's Central Park tour with this very red maple tree. Thanks for tagging along!

This alien-looking thing is a bit of an osage orange in Central Park. Some use them as a bug repellent.

The Harlem Meer, a red maple tree, a couple of ducks. A little something for everyone. #CentralPark

The Harlem Meer, seen from the west end. Don't be alarmed by the snow — Zamboni shavings. #CentralPark

Busy day at the skating rink in upper Central Park. Guess summer is over.

A view up the creek toward a waterfall in the Central Park Ravine:

I've probably taken 50 pictures of this Central Park waterfall over the years. But I can't help myself.

Here's the entrance to the Central Park Ravine, with a bright yellow maple tree beyond:

The predominant foliage color in Central Park is peach, probably because of all the tupelos and hazels.

Here's the little creek that flows through the Ravine in upper Central Park:

It's easier than usual to figure out what kind of oak leaves these are. Any guesses? #CentralPark

Here's a tupelo tree with two shades of orange. An overachiever, that tupelo. #CentralPark