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#RIPCigar Guess I believed Tom Durkin a bit TOO much when he said Cigar was INVINCIBLE! Very thankful I was able to meet the UNBEATABLE super-horse in 2007. His INCOMPARABLE record speaks for itself, one of the greatest racehorses of our time, and while he will be greatly missed he will NEVER be forgotten!

OMG no! Really hoping this is a bad dream. RIP Cigar!

Photo I took of him in 2007 at the Hall of Champions.

WISE DAN IS ALL HEART!!!! Wow!! Nothing can stop him! THREE-time Horse of the Year?? Maybe... :)

Continuity might fly right by Chaos as my fave #SmallvilleS11! Just when I think it can't get better...

Love so much...a true champion with one of the biggest hearts in the sport. It goes without saying that everyone who knows anything about racing is overjoyed just to see him healthy & happy after coming way too close to losing him. To have him racing again tomorrow is a real treat...and to have him back in the winner's circle will truly be icing on a big, beautiful cake! Go Dan GO!!

Give Chris (and Dana) a big hug when you see them...all of you, taken WAY too soon! #RobinWilliams #ChristopherReeve

Toughest display of athleticism you'll EVER see... #AfleetAlex (1/2)...

#AfleetAlex Toughest display of athleticism you'll EVER's been almost 10 years & I'm still in absolute AWE of what Alex did that day. Each time I watch the replay I find myself wide-eyed & slack-jawed all over gather himself & win this #Preakness, then come back and absolutely DESTROY the Belmont field a few weeks later was nothing short of brilliant!

She looks 100% better than anything/one/thing else related to the project so far! #WonderWoman #SDCC #BatmanVSuperman

For the FIRST time starting to think THIS is f'ing...super. Crap! What happened to me? #SDCC #JusticeLeague

Happy belated Canada Day to all my friends & family a few miles to my West! I hope my American friends & family all have a SAFE & relaxing Fourth of July holiday! :) Last year I literally spent the entire holiday in a hospital bed, preparing for emergency surgery, so I'm just happy to be home this year with nothing but a few DVDs from the library, some Lean Cuisine & my kitty, who is not a fan of the big booms outside lol. So be safe, watch out for each other, thank a service man or woman for your freedom & have a blast celebrating this crazy, complicated, imperfect, frustrating, independent & amazing country that, at the end of the day, we're all VERY lucky to live in! :)

Yummy end to long week! Best cannoli in the world! Well WNY at least...not like I've been to Italy to try a REAL one!

Five of the ten top trending US topics are #KyOaks related! Nice!

#HappyEarthDay #HealTheWorld Whatever our differences we only have ONE Earth. We're ALL in this TOGETHER!

So much to sort out, but I can't do it all at once, can't do it alone & most important I can't give up!

Police rescue suicidal woman from 12th floor

Crazy day in my bldg! Police rescue suicidal woman from 12th floor

Crazy day in my bldg! "Police rescue suicidal woman from 12thfloor"

Crazy day in my building! "Police rescue suicidal woman from 12th floor"