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Let's improve standard of living for all humans. I love peaceful cooperatives, and exposing the secret government. RTs are not endorsements. #Peace #Love #Truth

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#RobinWilliams in Popeye. Thank you for the fond memories.


please leave the outright denials to professionals. This is not an ex. of contrails, but #chemtrails


explain this...

. being anti-anything is not the same as pro-truth. #chemtrails

. I shutter to think how #JFK 's stance on the 2nd Am. makes you feel.

. George W. vs PSmirn. Winner: George W.

. #gunsense via the much lesser know Today... #GeorgeWashington - 1st General and Pres. of U.S.A.

Notice the odd coloration? #chemtrails

. Hi. I was hoping you may be able to respond to this Infographic on the logic behind our existence. Ty


Comet ISON killer seen here?

#chemtrails over Southern California this morning. #geoengineering #aluminum #barium

Thomas Jefferson

. Research is truth's best friend, not dogma.

Donate blood, help save a life.

Double-Rainbow anyone?

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