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On one hand, I like the way they embellished the code to fit the theme; OTOH, don't frak with the spec!

What do you mean, this isn't the dessert aisle?

Anyone wondering what I would like for my birthday need look no further.

How's this for an April Fools' joke? Thought it was spring no?

He's been pretty busy with that powdered sugar up here too.

The courtyard at Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway. #Snowzilla

Plz can haz ride of Hoth nao? Kthxby.

I'm listening to The Godfather on audiobook and seeing this company's sign. Um..

At OSJL-do you need this?

This is the next Haynes guide I need.

This box says toss leftovers in the fridge <= 2 days. They seem confused.

If we had money this is what my father-in-law would get for Christmas.

If had a truck it'd be this one.

Found at BJ's for $24. Doesn't look like they'll run out anytime soon.

And this is the geeky project-his and hers unmatched dice bags.

The non-geeky project-a rice-filled hot pad for .

This is a cannonball guord. A myth would just be an excuse yes?

This is going to take some getting used to. And some sun wouldn't hurt either.

As previously mentioned-now 4 sale @ Swain Family Farm US 2 Bethel.

Fencebuilding #FAIL

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