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I'd tell you I'm the girl next door but we both know I'd be lying.

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Method Reading:

Turn off the tv, light candles, grab a scotch, then listen to this album start to finish. #Thursday #channelorange

Stepping into the gym, stacking on next level miles to the run today. Feeling this:

Okay, the 3 books were "entertaining" but a dedicated magazine for $6.99?! That's a bit much non? #fiftyshades

As a girl, finishing the Restricted Firearm Exam this way is the quickest way to get respect from the boys at the range

Don't be fooled, my date is my best student of Salsa Cubana y Merengue. #masterclass #salsaunderthestars

Living "young, wild and free" #epic

Snuck away to get my first ride of the season in. Got a feeling it's going to be a dirty one. #atv

Hey Ash fuck you...that said your "molten chocolate cake" is amazing RT : Hey it's a twist top

Beating Germany with Merkel watching would be better than getting the cup for the Greeks. #bailoutgame #euro2012

After 3hrs in the Dentist's chair when I look in the mirror all I see is the cover of a Big League Chew gum pack #sexy

Hardest decision today: which Port and which cigar. #cigaraficionado #ifyouknowyouknow

C'mon now you can't be mad about little visit to The Garden. #linsanity #goknicks. Ps that's Bey in the yellow

Getting messages from my ESL cleaning lady sometimes makes for amusing miscommunication.

PG humor: Spoiler alert this mythical mashup may have unicorns too. #alljokes #sarcasm

To be honest this is like a donkey show, would only go just to see if it actually exists.

FYI from the way it looks around here either you're coming to get ready or get seduced #timewilltell