Nature lover, writer (or at least I try to be one) and philanthropist.

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Happy Birthday Holly! I hope you enjoy this day with all the people you love. Please never change cos you are awesome exactly the way you are, with a simple smile you change my world. You are an awesome woman, actress, friend, role model and mother. And I definitely love your work but I love you beyong it.
Best Wishes

P.S. I will toast for more years of happiness for you :)

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“Antarctic waters are home to almost 10,000 species including whales, orcas, leopard seals and penguins. Can you believe we actually have a chance to save and protect them over the long term? How? By getting governments to create the world’s largest network of marine protected areas.

“In just a few days, 25 countries will meet behind closed doors to decide the fate of the Southern Ocean. Let’s let them know WE want to see the Antarctic Seas protected.” Leonardo DiCaprio


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Holly Marie Combs my inspiration... :)

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Time to Change

Temperatures that are going higher and higher than before, fishes dying without any explanation and that only in Argentina. What it must happen so we realized we need to take care of the environment?

We need to stop thinking in ourselves and start thinking in the rest, in those ones that need help, that ask help but that we don't see. We are so busy thinking about: I cook this or that, how I will make more money, how I look with these clothes and many but many other things that are extremely stupid, that we don’t see what it is important.

I'm so tired of this, of hearing things like "I broke my nail, I want to die", that I decided to write this kind of letter. To write and make clear that we need to change so we can improve. Because we need to change, we really need it. We need to leave behind that thoughts that if the other don’t do it, why we have to do it? We need to leave behind that selfishness that is inside us and start considering the rest as equals. They are! We really need to change this and more if we want to continue living in this amazing Earth where we are, if we want our children and the children of our children have and incredible life full and happiness and health here.

Think in all that I have wrote, think that you can make the difference, that you can make a change even if it is small. Don’t wait till tomorrow cos maybe it is late, the Earth is showing us how much damage we have caused to her during all these decades. Why we can’t show to her that we have learned from our mistakes? Why we can’t show to her that we love it and that we will take care of it and of all the people that live on it?

Elsa Pintos

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A love, a friendship that last for ever: and

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Happy Bday ! I hope you like the present I made for you with all my heart. Love and enjoy this special day

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Happy Bday ! (It's alredy 8 in Argentina) and I hope you enjoy it a lot. I hope you the best and I can't say anything than good things about you. Every hour, every day it pass you became a better person and I'm proud of you. You remains me .

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Happy Birthday Holly! I hope you enjoy my gift. I made it with all my love. The best for you. Stay always the same because you are perfect the way you are. Love, xoxox. Elsita

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