I'd love to bake cakes all day and to own a ball gag. I'm a touch materialistic and a little dramatic, I don't eat spinach and I hate the dentist

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It'll post now

Gifts for the party monster

I wish I had space to be infected by your happiness

I will eventually stop listening to Bush for a few months.. I promise.. #np Bush - Insect Kin

Maybe in one that deserves it like oh I don't know the S65 AMG?

This can't be the right way to do it.. #dradvice

It won't let me post the pic of the 'you can put it anywhere girl' *cries*

Shoe heaven death

When driving over speed humps hit them at 60km, that way you fly over and save petrol aka shoe money

*a shoe heaven death this early...basks in it*

I don't recall watching that

who ate these chocolates? I hope it wasn't us? Fuck my life

*and they said those days were over... Woop*

Maybe the butternut

- Joe Pineapples, from 2000 AD ABC Warriors not finished yet, nice

Ooh Presents... Thank you ◄ but I'm still not climbing in that car with you


Look Honey, I baked! (Didn't mean for them to look like breasts, ahh well, what can you do)

I need a paint ball gun for that face

Morning Johannesburg

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