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- Ann Ewing. Very sweet & gracious woman. Beautiful.

LOL… this movie is a blast from my horrid movie past. I think I saw it as a kid. :-)) Natural tendering meat. Ewww!

Not just the Admin. C’Mon now! Obama knew all about this TOO! h/t #DrudgeReport #MakeDCListen #TeaParty

The look on Dick Cheney’s face is PERFECT! #DrudgeReport

Out of all things coming w/ Mavericks, I was praying my MBP was new enough for multiple displays. Whew, just barely!

Not a fan of Chuck Lorre per se, but saw this watching the end of the "Big Bang Theory!' Kind of funny...

Here ya go Burt http://www.budgetmobile.com/ Start off w/ your own ObamaPhone!

How is it someone has a parody acct of Sarah Palin using "exact same" @.name? I can't see the difference in the name.

Carney is wrong. A "down" site gets a 404-error, the AmberAlert.gov had official signage. Thanks.

ATTENTION: Due to the #HarryBarryShutdown, AMBERALERT.GOV is DOWN! Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wives! #teaparty

The Graphic Don't Lie… but Obama does repeatedly. (you will save $2,500 w/ ObamaCare) #teaparty #ccot

"Big Tex rises again at the State Fair of Texas" http://bit.ly/19DGL23 I think he needs 'another' makeover!

But… why do I need “Dumb Quotes” in iOS 7? I’d rather have something more useful while texting, tweeting.

Hello Have you seen the tons of 1-star ratings for Chess w/ Friends b/c it doesn’t work w/ iOS 7? #ZyngaUpdate

ROTFL! Hey Tina Faye, make fun of that. #TheMoreYouKnow / Learned this week USA purchased Alaska from Russia for 7M.

Well darn it! I got it wrong. Sorry Sean Connery. I really thought it was you OR Roger Moore. #FastNLoud

"Punters Are People Too! – NFL Punters & Players Join the Movement" http://bit.ly/19bXREd via Rich Eisen

Townhall Cartoons http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/

Love the Cover of Townhall! https://magazine.townhall.com/coulter-liberals

Speaking of mugs… adding to my Christmas list.