Fly Ass Pisces


A Fearless-Specialist #Pisces #Peace and #Love

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Super Mario world and Marvel vs capcom at the same dam time

someone saved you a spot ;)

Damn she aint letting nothin stop her from gettin that money

Pay that's shit nigga !

: You have my attention, now don't loose it...Cause this #Pisces don't look back #Dueces

Plane jane why you lookin so lame let me teach you a trick annnnnnd SWERVE !!!!

YO its bad only spent 1 day on it don't hate!

Fuck out of all my HairCuts still wish I had my my #Gumby

People are mad jokes wit the wifi names

This shyt right here nigga, this shyt right here you dont even kno !!!

Indefinitely Deuces =D

Hey am I doing it right ?

My nigga showed me this fuckn #Died!

Hostess Company has gone out of business so I stocked up ! #ReadyForTheApocalypse

": #EverybodyLikes DAT ASS."

If you don't know about this combination I feeling bad for you son

Come @ me brah you kno where I stay @! you aint scarn no1 ill flip yo muffin cap back blue

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