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Hmm...usually when it's this hazy off to the west it means the state is on fire, but I see nothing in the news to that effect.

We might actually make it to the last doorbell this year...

I'm not so naive as to have ever believed these didn't exist, but this is the first time I've ever seen one outside of a cartoon.

That Bagel/Bakery place near me that has the "Sugar, Bitches" cookbook...here's an apron they have for sale.


24 hours ago it was almost 70 degrees...

My location according to the iPhone maps.

I has a content doggy.

I got back up to the room and saw this on my bed. I'm not sure if it's a mafia threat or a tease.

Brookstone Fail. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

How pumpkin pies are made...

My lump...er...dog. My dog.

I'm eating chocolate cake using two oversized stirsticks (prisms) like chopsticks.

Chevelle, baby!

Hello Twittersphete. What're you doing with your Wednesday night? Me? This.

Squee! *happydance* (and it's 2 now--forgot to post this when I took it)

Avs centers vs. Predators centers -

There is a 2' zucchini sitting in the "freebee" spot in the break room.