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Nerdy, crass, conserver of mass. Mover, shaker, music maker. Memer of memes, dreamer of dreams. Someday, I'll make music. I'm still in beta.

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Super-meta C-SPAN books interview!

Cooking Demo!

National Book Festival!

I'm not sure about that last movie...

Bottled water advertising over a rest stop urinal. I understand and don't understand simultaneously.

Use More Bandwidth #hopex

Soda jenga at work.

Apostrophe abuse, Point Pleasant, NJ. Ice cream waffles look amazing, though.

Here comes the rain again.

In pretty sure the creator of this Slenderman video didn't expect it to show up on MSNBC.

Maleficent X Men, Blended A Million Ways.

BRB, building a robot arm. #uarm

Who looks at a (water bath) and thinks "Ooh, this could be a little more sonic?" (The Doctor, that's who.)

Couldn't find this online so had to make it. Countdown to a travel company adopting it: 3 2 1...

Admit it, "robot culinaire" sounds awesome. (Bonus Ninja.)


Seriously, , two errors in the same sentence?

Headed toward freezing tonight. This chart from http://wx.rutgers.edu is relevant.

I don't quite believe I'm the first to follow after reinstatement. Then again, I'm not at PAX, so not much going on.

What mysterious events will occur on this stage?