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DS Cannon 9s and VNDS Pewter foams. Both size 10.5. Asking $250 each.

My pinkies are fucking horribleā€¦ one gets jammed every time I hoop smh

White girl dreads at the zoo... Who let this bitch out her cage?

here it go actually lol


On G she had an Avatar braid

LMAO cuse ain't won shit EVER til Melo FOH nigga you'd pay to have Louisville prestige. We got 3 nigga

Forgot this nigga was in the store yesterday I was dead....

Roman saying "fuck these lights n shit, the game on..."

Go to the grocery store and get these joints made from little pieces of Heaven. C. R. A. C. K.

My nigga Q

My bish tryna get twisted


Crying @ Steve Novak last night.. He was turnt

My young nigga be out... But he's bout to be turnt for this Louisville game

Roman's reaction when I said niggas was throwing shade at Jordan