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This was the greatest moment of our relationship. Besides the sex. No, this was better.

Looks like Hulk Hogan wants a little *pause* FAST MONEY.

Vladimir Poutine eats delicious poutine. See?

Signed by Tommy Wiseau. No, not “Only in Theaters.”

I missed Sestero, but I’m seeing The Room. #sestosterone

I got u a gift.

Yeah, ok. Meet me in Mosco, Monsieur Chambrun of Orléans.

I don’t know what this is, but Greg Sestero is all I need to know about this event. #theRoom

Downtown San Jose is really peaceful at 1:30 am. I’m walking through it now.


*movie trailer voice* John Travolta became a human Grumpy Cat so gradually, we didn’t even notice. UNTIL NOW


Twitter has this thing where u can post your Tweets to Facebook. That would be social suicide, I think.

Also cool, my mechanic at californ1a tire broke a fan blade so now I need a new one and the engine wobbles.

Oh cool, my mechanic at californa tire left me a present! Marlboro man likes to smoke while working near engines.

the flute solo from California Dreamin’ throws shade on EVERYONE in the quiet section of the mall

I’ll do her one better and take her for Brazilian with her beer.

I’m trying Blue Moon. Do I win Mila, yet?

Bar wench!
Whiskey-me, sexy bitch.