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EW & EW at the party. Could it get any more EW? Maybe if Emma Watson was in the frame? ()

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The EW party was not actually held in my honour, but I shall claim it was.

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After 38 years of not wanting to watch it on television, I finally saw...

After 38 years of not wanting to watch it on television, I finally saw...

Received this in the mail. What can it mean?

Some horror maths for you.

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I miss the Astoria...

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This is the tip of the Brandon berg...

Already saw 'Cabin In The Woods'. Now checking out

Amazing Rita Hayworth tattoo | Arm c/o Jeff Mantor at Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood, CA.

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Last year, Matt Weiner offered to send me some free Mad Men DVDs. They arrived with this amazing compliment slip.

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Only just delivered, but gratefully received.

If I was writing the fifth Indiana Jones movie, this would be the glorious treasure he seeks...

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A quick shout out to those good people who got our coffees today...

Hard at work...

One of my double bills that I nearly programmed in December. Not too late to see right now...

This is not going to help me get to sleep...

And we are done...

Fifteen down. Final three to go tonight at New Beverly. 7.30pm.

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