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Urban, rural, land, space alternative generation. Must start the deconstruction of harmful past institutions. Web: http://t.co/RQ3EEXGIuJ

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Check it out- an alternative stove! Location: anywhere. I have some other pics of this device/invention on this website. So simple. The barrel I cut down with sawzall, to fit even in a car trunk.

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A glass of wine in the future? Should take about a week only. Apple + sugar + sourdough start + water.. #stpaddys

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This shows how you can start plants with commonly found items. Hope this works for you! Growing a garden is only a part of the food solution, if you have access.

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hm, making everything free? Relevant investigation, Che? Does this meme and get shared? Anyways, here's the link:

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What if you heated your house with this?

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This planter box has a plastic cover that goes over it as well if needed, for cold nights or perhaps for a screen porch.

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Tools are set up. Repurposed a family garage. #sawzall #soil

Thunderbird sheltering the Phoenix Phoenix melts the ice!

The underground greenhouse, or thug greenhouse. Didn't take long at all to dig, and will be a great spot to hang with the plants in the winters. :)

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"There's a hack for that," this is the alternative way to do wash. A single "load" is like 4 things. Squish with your foot, "like a plunger," for a few minutes turning over, and empty the first bucket. Fill the second with water and soap if needed, then on the next dump rinse. Wash clothes with water finally and hang to dry <3 <3 enjoy

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Process shot of building a sweet chicken coop. Good good thing to do right now. They compost and, actually some folks don't supplement feed :)

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My hella sweet outdoor kitchen. Used the rocketstove design on here :) https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Rocket_stove

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This is the setup.

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For most there will be a tipping point. For me it's

Image/movie came out well! Blurrr

Image/movie came out well! Blurrr

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I've got a book to send Mr. Obama. utilizes free air zine design. Free, ..., to a new decolonized USA. West Coast, CA.

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If we can do this type of building free materials hacks, then why don't we?

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Hack of the moment -- after the party comes the afterparty! #Hack trash this party became a miniature greenhouse.

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The problems of the world are so simple, if approached from a certain angle... Earth element of alchemy, this mobile greenhouse has city and rural applications. The design uses repurposed materials and allows plants to survive in temperatures slightly too cold for them, or seedling starts in the early Spring. The catering trays, in the Bay area, are everywhere. I hope you can try it out at home. Measurements are 8" by 8" by 24", let me know what works! http://artandmaterial.wordpress.com/

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