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Was torn between Manhattan and Husbands & Wives so going with Broadway Danny Rose

F(bleep) Die Hard 4.0 and its f(bleep)ing 12A rating

Few things get me as excited as new beauty products #seriously #nohomo

Here are a couple photos from last week's shoot with model wearing stunning black dress from

It's my mate's birthday. I drew him a flattering picture. Hopes he likes it.

So here's me working* (*pretending to know what I'm doing) with at my studio* (*my living room)

White Men Can't Jump (1992) just came on. Snapbacks and Jordans - looks like summertime in Dalston (2012)

had Fantasea on repeat for weeks and now I can't spot drawing you, Azealia

Right, back to drawing more shitty crotch thrusting pictures of Michael Jackson

ok, I can't stop drawing you, Azealia

you and this guy

Howard's new friend

And here's another

Since I haven't done any recent illustrations, here's one dug up from the archives that depicts my social class bracket

Oh Fassy. I know EXACTLY what you're going through :(

Oh and if any of you want an easy win on this, add me on PSN: EddLeigh - go easy on me, I'm rubbish #fifa13

I've somehow found myself in the Eddie Jordan section of Liberty

Favourite time of the day! Tea time!

Me? Asthmatic? Now where would you get that idea?

The battle for favourite aunt/uncle begins. If this gift to my nieces doesnt put me in the lead, I don't know what will