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Stephen Jen says global trade - for his money the best indicator of global economic health - points towards a slowdown

London house prices now only 2% lower than 2007 peak. In Northern Ireland they're more than 50% down (Nationwide)

even at the election the difference between their fiscal plans was in the region of a rounding error

Is it me or is the new iOS map app a bit, well, rubbish? Uglier and less useful than Google's. Or am I being unfair?

Online retail sales may have dropped during Olympics but if recent history's any guide they'll jump in run-up to Xmas

Here is employment around the UK by region (for )

The German constitutional court ruling dismissing complaints against ESM has now been released. Here's the first page

Here's how the German government's cost of borrowing shot up in the wake of the constitutional court decision

Here's the full table of economic forecasts from the OECD today

The red cross on volunteers' medic armband so upset the real Red Cross that Locog had to stick green stickers over it

in terms of recovering pre-crisis peak it's longer than the '30s. ONS figs only go back to WWII. NIESR:

BoE's Tucker then passed on note of concern to BBA's Angela Knight (see pic for her response). BoE passing buck to BBA?

Bank of England publishes email from Mervyn King to Geithner saying he passed on concerns abt Libor to Paul Tucker

they came from Barclays (see attached)

FSA letter continues: "Barclays has a tendency continually to seek advantage from complex structures..."

FSA letter to Barclays of Apr 10 warns of "concerns abt... Pattern of behaviour over last few years". See:

I've done a little behind-the-scenes piece for the iPad app at the #G20 summit in Los Cabos

Google searches for "drachma" in recent yrs. Bit unsure of what the y-axis is, but see the chart & you'll get the idea

Chart that disproves Sir Mervyn's claim there was no sign economy growing unsustainably. Look at M4 build-up pre-crisis

This slump has now overtaken the early 1980s as the longest in British economic history. Chart from NIESR

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