I play entirely too many games, read a lot of books, and play with computers for a living. Hopelessly in love with @FallenIsel !

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Getting out Halloween Arkham Horror on.

There was one of these in the entire bag. I'm afraid.

Well, I got a new computer case, but I don't think I'm allowed to use it.

Borrowed a mouse from help desk. Didn't work when I plugged it in, so I flipped it over to check why.

Weather, it's 4:30, what r u doin.

Damn it work, I didn't want to start my day with tears.

Really? Because I don't even have it installed.

According to the sys admin day website, I'm supposed to get sports cars and money today. Boss delivered.

Well that sure explains a lot.

The last two letters on my name badge have rubbed off. The barista actually wrote my name down that way.

Not content with ripping off Dark Souls once, this app is at it again with a different screenshot.

The rip offs are getting more and more shameless and obvious.

Aww yiss. More goodness.

Time to remake my Jinteki deck!

For example, the update to the TwitchTV app. Why exactly does it need to know my call status?

Koba is trying to help me read.

Hai hooman. You should looks at me instead of that paper.