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DONE! Original by and flashed by me! Feedback and sharing are important. RT AND COMMENT! [ Full Size here: http://i.imgur.com/6rVDIOt.png ]

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I can't edit this animation without thinking of killing myself so I'm just gonna say this is the final version of 'Zap'.

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Name: Dawn
Character Element: Neutral
1 hit attack animation: Jumps into the enemy and delivers a blow to the head with his hammer.
1 to 3 hits: Swings his hammer closer from the enemy.
5 Hit Combo: Throws his hammer towards the opponent.
(Charging animation)

[FULL SIZE IMAGE: http://i.imgur.com/m8RQv.png ]

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Well, it definitely took a while, and it was kinda hard, but the first skill animation is done! RT? :D [Animation here: http://megaswf.com/serve/2536162/ ]

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First skill is almost done!

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Well, I'm trying.

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And it is done! Moonwrath is finished. Suggestion by ! (I know there's no hood. - I tried making it. I really did. But everything looked terrible. And I also know the shoulder doesn't have those wooden details. - That's just my preference, here) [Full Size here: http://oi46.tinypic.com/2h5m93b.jpg]

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So, these are the Oversoul templates people asked me to reupload. (:
Male: http://tinyurl.com/OversoulMaleTemplateCS5
Female: http://tinyurl.com/OversoulFemaleTemplateCS5

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The last trainer - Juvania - is finally done! I hope you like it, although this was almost a complete redesign, mainly because not a lot of the original design was going to look good when updated. [Full Size: http://i.imgur.com/NycYx.png ]

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And here's my revamp of Thok - The Warrior NPC! This took way longer than I expected, but finally, it's done! [ Full Size: http://i.imgur.com/qyffZ.png ]

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Finally, here's my revamp of Arcana, the Mage NPC! Tell me what you think! and feedback? :D

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Here's my revamp of Metrea - The Rogue NPC! I hope you like it!

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ARMOR BREAKDOWN! The ugly truth about how I design stuff! Full size image is here: http://i.imgur.com/VgXoh.png

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It's DONE! Do you like it? Leave a comment! And if you can, please RT!! (Everything except the gray areas is CC!)

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Last update before it's finished! Can't think of a shin design, though. Thoughts?

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Another update. RT, please? <3 I'll love you forever.

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WIP Update!

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[UPDATE 2] Oblivion Destroyer W.I.P. Animation here: http://megaswf.com/s/2521003 | I need feedback on the shoulder. Because that's the hardest part and if it looks bad now I need to change it ASAP.

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[UPDATE] Oblivious Destroyer W.I.P. RT and comment!

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