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Wulff Hunter's account. I used to play AQWorlds. I draw and write and am making my own video game. http://t.co/JLgbfkZcro

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After over a YEAR of postponing work on it, I have FINALLY finished painting JoJo Hunter's Outfit!

As a later incarnation of the Wolf Hunter (previous ones being James Smith/Wulff Hunter and Ori Smith), JoJo Hunteris Wulff's great-great-great-grandson. Between battling the totalitarian police of the future and delivering packages on time, JoJo Hunter will prove that he is the hero of the future.

And honestly, who WOULDN'T wear that outfit?

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Armored Pirate Armor Redesign. Redo of this: http://twitpic.com/3mej69

Okay, I think that this is by far one of my favourite armours I've ever designed (up there with Wolf Warrior Redesign). The colors, in the end, I think came out perfectly. I'm going to soon post this one in another colour scheme closer to the original one.

Oh, and the base credits go to Reddy (I mean, Reddy made the base on which this is drawn).

Tell me what you think! Give me comments!

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Okay, I had to upload it without the watermark. Once again, redraw of this: http://twitpic.com/3mekaa

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Destruction Guardian Redo! A redraw of this: http://twitpic.com/3mekaa More practical. Makes you look less... angular. I approve!

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BEHOLD! Some brand-new work!

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Behold... An Armored RealmGuardian! This heroic class will be available if the entire video game is completed.

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Screenshot for error on Artix.com bug tracker

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Want to help out with my video game? Download the attached picture, and edit it on Microsoft Paint (keep it at the same size, though, or else the game will not run!)! Once you're done, message me your edit, and I'll try and put it in!

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Picture of my sketches (I'll scan them tomorrow). The guy in shorts is an unknown good guy, the creature on the right is a bad guy in the shadows, the man on the bottom is Hades.

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Blades 2

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Blades 1

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Sketch 11

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Sketch 10

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Sketch 9

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Sketch 8

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Sketch 7

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Sketch 6

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Sketch 5

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Sketch 3

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Sketch 2

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