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My phone is now 48% more daring than yours.

I was proud of this one. Eat your heart out Twilight characters! You'll never be this cool!

Kept this from yesterday. Respect to for a brilliant depiction of 'peacock'.

Spot the difference. Also, help me delete this app.

That's tonight sorted, thank you Lovefilm.

But it's women's day! Sexist!!

Wanted you to see my latest follower for yourselves. Why? What the hell am I SAYING on Twitter??

Did anyone else just see this?? #haunted

Look at this for a supremely cool gift!!! Thank you xxxx

Look! It's a stunt running Duckie!

In it for the long haul

Now look what you've done

LFC Derby prog 1976

LFC match prog from 1960

King Kenny badge!

Another for my fellow LFCers

One for my fellow LFCers