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I am the manifestation of everything that you have failed at. Also operates as 'Ian Forward'. Apparently on crack. (Legal note: I've never taken crack.)

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Send this back to them.

Thanks for the diverse recommendations, Twitter.

I really loved Radiohead around the time of The Bends (picture idea "borrowed" from ).

Look at the song titles. This is better than 'Horse It Inta Ya, Cynthia'.

It's my life's work. Look at the song titles on his album!

This song is most definitely "not shit".

This looks like probably the best pub ever (from www.nickelinthemachine.com).

"The drummer is fine."


Bono responds.

Reads like a nation's demands to Bono.

Bob Lefsetz: a modern Suffragette.

Really enjoying the new Atoms For Peace album.

Living the dream.

An ad on Amazon shows that Miles Kane has finally accepted his "pop career" is not going to take off.

I saved you the effort.

Don't know why everyone is complaining about that Miley Cyrus video. It's not that bad.

Want to buy the Alexa Chung book? See what else Amazon shoppers are buying with it.

Interesting Amazon "recommendation algorithm" going on here re: the Alexa Chung book.