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Why shoot for the sky when you're afraid of heights? ADHD, bi-polar & sweeter than a sugar cube. Credits: TheVoice1&2-BGC7-ExtremeMakeoverWLE-LABeachLife

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I don't respect dancing that doesn't involve shoes! I mean how hard could you possibly be dancing? Let's see you stomp the yard!

Oh why don't you look like this anymore!?!?! #ILoveAHotManInUniform

HELL YEAH!!!! I'm so geek'd! Let's do this!

I hate when I go to a nice sushi restaurant and I order green tea and they serve me this at an inflated price...

By the way, this is what we do in $700 a night hotel rooms! Smh! #Rockstars + My version of phone sex! LOL!

Try superman-ing like this too ---> come on kids, assholes & douchebags alike, find the nearest sky rise building & try it!

Let me tell y'all, you thought you were up on game when planking came around? Try superman-ing! --->

Me and Solmaz the writer/main actress of "To The Moon"

Oh shit I totally forgot I took pics last night at #TheLondonHotel ... Smh!

#ThingsISawAtWork yesterday at AFI

Well, there goes our exterior shot! It just started raining AND the sun is still out!!!! WTF? Double rainbow too! #AFI

So we just switched locations from Armo town to a private MTA bus near AFI. Please tell me why they had to label it this:

Why is he even wearing pants? I don't understand this kind of sagging!

My friend Jake says "I hope you're well. I'm over here winning!" and sends me this, LoL! --->

I'm a special type of retard... The kind that wears Velcro shoes, is forced to do schoolwork with a crayon & sleeps with a night light

This is hilarious! I can honestly say that I've done it the wrong way before.

yup I was there luv! I told you I would come support. I loved the Spanish number... So sexy! Stamp to prove it

'sBBs Best Motto ever!!!

Hey I didn't know you were an Executive Producer on Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

Well maybe if I had a hat with my muthafuckin name on it I would! Stop hating son! "Screw you, I'm going home"