That's Chrys w/ a Y


I'm sorry... I can't hear you over all of my awesomeness!! The epitome of Grace. The Loc'd Up Princess! NYer.

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#NP "Bad Mothalova" by

I am loving what I'm seeing #oakwoodrys2013

Look what we got

Our 1st place winner!!! Bre!!! #OakwoodRYS2013 #ERN2013 #ERNConference

Lemme touch up these braids right quick during this keynote presentation at this national conference

Me and the beautiful !! I'm officially cool! Can't tell nothin'!!

What kind of dessert is this?? It's like confetti cake, mouse, fudge, chocolate cake, etc... Least I get a strawberry

Roomies for the weekend #ERNConference

Almost forgot to vote on my phone today. #OakwoodRYS2013

You can not give everyone your phone... Clearly! This work was done by You will be delivered soon, 2!

#NP "Complicated" by Rihanna

Gee thanks!

After a day like today, this was very guy necessary. I feel like I can tackle the rest of my day

"At the end of the day it's another day over."

#NP "Nobody's business" and TSoul

Outreach flow with Kinah & Krystel