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Saw these for sale at a local hardware store.Geek in me bought 3! I'm 10 yrs old again! TY Guillow's!

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All Rep. Weiner jokes aside, today was my 1st zucchini harvest of the year. Pretty sexy:

  • 1712 days ago via site
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Memo to the next Congressman who wants to tweet pic of his "junk" - consider using this one instead:

  • 1718 days ago via site
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My POV in the vineyard tonight from 169 cm altitude. In my next life, I come back as for a better view!

  • 1719 days ago via site
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Thanks for offers 2 help. But peas co-shelled with my mom and pop! Off to the freezer to lay in cryonic state.

  • 1721 days ago via site
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Four hours to pick 15 lbs of late harvest peas! Now, who wants to come over and help me shell 'em?

  • 1722 days ago via site
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"You reap what you sow." I sowed some lettuce seeds a couple of months ago and....

  • 1723 days ago via site
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Same idea. Sans intel. Still badass.... and Still Irish.

  • 1724 days ago via site
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And, I just picked all these berries today! Darn! Need a quick "End Times" recipe for berry cobbler!

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Bummer about the Rapture/End times tomorrow. Our '11 Pinot Noir was looking like a promising vintage.

  • 1730 days ago via site
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200 oysters? Oy!!! Come on, now!! Humor-meters along with our gas tanks must all be on "E."

  • 1753 days ago via site
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Our Easter surprise in the Casa Dumetz vineyard this morning!

  • 1756 days ago via site
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These Easter eggs for: SSG Nevel, S SPC Fink, T SPC Leveille, R. Thank you for your service. Happy Easter!

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Year after year, this is the only real problem veggie. We'll keep working on it.

  • 1757 days ago via site
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Had a hard time choosing between the white or red. Then realized, wait! Why the heck do I have to choose?

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"scuse me while I kiss the sky"... and eat these parsnips.. Never liked 'em until I grew 'em. Last of the winter.

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Sat. harvest: "Purple Mustard, all in my brain....Lately things they don't seem the same..."

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Rabbits coming to the house for Easter supper! Bring it!

  • 1757 days ago via site
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After 4 yrs of failing at growing most brassicas, one Romanesco cauliflower said "Hi" to celebrate Earth Day!

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This vineyard is on steroids going "Full Tilt Boogie" - cannot keep up with growth!

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