I love Bruce Springsteen, tennis (Monica Puig and SamQ mostly), Arsenal, cycling, food, and alcohol in no particular order.

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I have no idea what the answer is :P

Shitty webcam photo of the kitty

This is like the song for me

This is me in the picture

Calling tennis nerds

Still the best thing in Dolly's ATP profile

You'd think they could get his name right

Nice to know John Travolta thinks I'm a guy

IT'S SYNCING!!!!!!!!

IT'S SYNCING!!!!!!!!

I mean

What the fuck happened?

It's amazing how much me and this girl I went to high school want totally opposite things #IWantADog

Arsene looks nice and comfy

This girl is an Oompa Loompa

Why is this in my top picks on Netflix? #why

Got in for my run just in time #mineblizzard