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three of three!

two of three

here is an image of the tree of life! One of three...

#FF #ExpectUs <muah>

look here! Read the message. NOT NICE! Fear, Inc. (war on terror)

i have been in "time out since our last convo --> look

gotta love this! The story on PsyOps in CNN? 404! Lol!

https://twitter.com/firetown/status/40798356288573440 See image CEASE & DESIST ALL CONTACT

: no I am now with she is scum but worht more than u"

: u r now my target”

YOUR favorites are very telling. And YOU are scum.

YOUR favorites are very telling. And YOU are scum.

: andu are no challenge to me” wanna bet?

http://post.ly/1dGA7 /via here you go Mickey. There is PLENTY more where that came from.

<code> Service Shutdown <code> that's how this game ends. You probably don't even know what that means

"Michael Dammann: whatever I post they believe" <> so keep posting bullshit. In your own words-->

"Elieshevapw: 'Michael Dammann:" stop using other ppls accounts. Eliesheva contacted ME! See 4 urself

"Michael Dammann: Shit ain't right. My computer shut down". Watch that kill switch, Mickey Mouse!