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I could "claim" to be "China" doesn't make it true. They may be "practicing" stuxnet. Date on article Same?

: RT : Tweets about #tweet4gary reached 16,854 http://bit.ly/cNH1Pi via ” 53,000!

have call in to helpless desk. System wide hack at Columbia University! Again. #oops

: Jellyfish Intelligence? Really, Blackwater? How fucking cute #Xe http://bit.ly/mxrXHE” Fuck Blackwater! See->

: #statistics - there are now more American patriots than Americans. Or patriots.” #tcot = #israel wtf?

twello dizzy!

: Ho, ho! You is learning ... in't ya. ;)” a little too fast. Amsterdam. AT&T admin too good 2 lose

Remembering | Marc Parent Obituaries http://www.legacy.com/can-edmonton/Obituaries.asp?page=lifestory&personid=149850555 RIP at least he said goodbye :'(

can not fix zombie pc. It is too late. Not helping! I need to move on! Frozen timeline evidence of #crime

idgaf. Not my problem anymore. Chain of evidence. Tracing SOURCE #WYspy #zombie 11:22 #pwa #firetown #Jude

too late. Can't install jack.

too late. Can't install jack.

http://post.ly/21E3a #EYE on Seattle! Galactic War! HAMMER compromising SHIELD. please zap here!

SHIELD http://post.ly/21Cdl Security breach at #Columbia University - one down. #CyberSecurity #CUNIX #li

: no worries ;)” worries!

RT - the best on Twitter <> thank you kind Sir :-)” bye sydney. #NWO reptiles #tcot

Christmas Passover 11:22 1:11:11 we're all screwed if you still believe this is a game. #pwned by home team?

I never had admin privs. Still don't. Can't even add printer. PC goes into silent mode uses SKYPE. #perverts

that static IP matches the one in Jackson Hole. She "fixed" it for me. Connected iPHONE to her pc too. & Acer

thank you! TKB- bbl.