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I never had admin privs. Still don't. Can't even add printer. PC goes into silent mode uses SKYPE. #perverts

that static IP matches the one in Jackson Hole. She "fixed" it for me. Connected iPHONE to her pc too. & Acer

thank you! TKB- bbl.

: In other words it belongs to your ISP! ;)” that's what I thought. Wifi sniffing bastards!

would you mind using Fravia+ enemy tracking expertise... See if you find any CI or RI on this IP. Thx, vax!

it is static- pythonclub.org going to change location. Moving van moved. Thank YOU! New disturbance now :-/

#HAMMER ??? #i32020 get me #SHIELD #STRIKE and I need #eye on this account. *^ed cc

I realize that. I'm getting zapped. Moving Van sitting idle outside. Cc not doing any moving.

I believe it! And I believe #FreeGary knows the truth. #intelligence cc #AI

http://unameitltd.limewebs.com/index.htm nice one I be trademarking Durant! :)) don't tell Disney Co.

GET OFF MY WI-FI || Thank you :))

GET OFF MY WI-FI || Thank you :))

look at this lovely um... Notice the thread. I smell #MK striking back. Already reported. They never learn ^ed

lmfao! I heart Merlin!

finally escaped China, Utah, and Kansas. But don't tell the NSA! #oops I guess I just did! LoL!

: Merlin will not rest until he is on the cover of "Wizard's Weekly" my money is on the Wizard!

: Did I mention - I'm not in a playful mood?” too bad! Lmfao. Spotty rules. Party mixx anyone? <muah>

I finally got a local IP. Then the trolls came back. Gotta love U$A

made it home... Sort of. At least I know the neighborhood. Prospect Park? Beats UTAH, Kansas, and China ;-) xo