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Drawn without reference. Bitch, I don't need no reference. Shit's burned into mah braaaain.

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IT'S ALIVE!! Oh my God... It's a Christmas miracle!!

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Struggling to get this thing up to 1000 words so I can reward myself with Planescape. The stuff in italics will be replaced with proper research at some point unless I forget with unhilarious consequences

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Oooh, look what Santa just dropped off early!
Okay, serious New Years Resolution: No new games in 2011 no matter how much I want them, how much they're on sale etc I have enough to be going on with

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The other day I bought the first Mass Effect for a fiver and this is roughly what my Shepard looks like

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I bet you knew I'd jump on this. Better than being jumped on BY thisoh whoahlololololimprovisedfatjoke

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Even though she is, in fact, a giant sock puppet.

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I love my girlfriend

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Me with devouring non brand-specific contents of crisp-tube-with-moustached-mascot.

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And I'm still heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere

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Sexual tension

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Trasure Plamnet

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Trying to recapture the magic in a piss poor attempt at mimicking Hiroyuki Imaishi's visual ethos. A fun failure

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Top-down Japanese style

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Nothing but a map with adventure style rooms, stores and random encounter battles. I like it myself but it scores low in the "making a game my girlfriend would ever play" stakes. What is the point if my girlfriend can't play it, guys?

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First-person Psudeo-3D. Not the prettiest but possibly the best bet for the amount of player character customization I'm shooting for (they don't have to be drawn doing shit) but the worst for managing party members and keeping track of where they are which is important for me and my imaginary target audience.

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Low-res isometric. I personally find this shit gorgeous but I'd have to learn a lot of new skills to pull it off

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Detailed graphics with tricky-as-hell isometric effect.

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