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RTS award nominated retail assistant.

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What? What's she talking about? Who the fuck's 'Dean'?

"I used to be an adventurer like you..."

Well, we are the Queen. Why should we have to share one crown?

Did you know this was a thing?

The mildest, most neutral tempratured, most pleasant night to walk home in ever. Merry Boxing Day

I have a GOOD girlfriend! Thank you

More like Deck the HAUL! Favourites the bottle opener. I'll photograph it later with it's brothers from round the world

"Put the fucking sage leaves on the fucking goose" -my mum, channeling Gordon Ramsay

Femshep's a staaaar

I know you like to monitor my footwear choices

This the bullshit phoney-baloney phantom agency the Royal Mail use to shift blame for treating their temps crappily. Look, look at the offensive lack of effort on this website. They don't even give a fuck that everyone knows it's not real

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btw, this is what a Fosters beer looks like

So maybe this friday night doesn't suck so bad after all

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This is not good enough to be a comic update but I still like it

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Whaaat, another one? Come on now!

These trainers are not old! Stupid job with it's constant walking, how many of my hours are funding replacing these?

Reporting for duty

This was a huge puffy blister but at some point today it must have... Sprung a leak...

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