Dwight Turner


A king among cavemen who eats well and aspires to tweet half as loud as he lives. Digital media student and alter ego of @insearchofsanuk, @bkkfatty, & others.

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Mmmn korubuta pork with pasta #bkkfatty

Salmon salad to go with my wine #bkkfatty

Better call my ride before the wine buffet ordering starts... #bkkfatty

No vodka, beer or red bull ice cream tonight for meee #bkkfatty

Double dishing at Elvis Suki to start #bkkfatty

On my own little tour tonight, mmmm just arrived in heaven

Boil me! #bkkfatty

Everyone feeding their faces (cc )

Awww look at da wittle baby infant fetus wine #bkkfatty

Stinky cheese gets the impromptu party started #bkkfatty

Uh. So I got no internet but atleast I have a magic box #bkkfatty

Getting clean. Girl's orders.

Get outta my workout and hands me this #bkkfatty (cc )

I got a bad feeling about the workout is preparing for me on the other side of the fence

Vietnamese kebab? #bkkfatty

why stop at bacon? I had an Elvis stuffed pancake y'day #bkkfatty

"Take your pick..." #bkkfatty

Seeing deeper integration of instagram and FB, you can now insta direct to your fb biz pages

Also, freakin tham sang place in my backyard is open til 3am. Will be having a date here vurry soon.

no, cute like this