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Photography, birds, music, my two daughters, philanthropy, and very excited owner of a gallery opening in 2014. There is never enough Big Wreck! ♪

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Hammy, the Black-headed Caique, stole my heart this weekend, but refuge birds are never put up for adoption. #wah

Thinking of warmer days. This is Esquimalt Lagoon last summer.

Oak Bay Marina at night. The sounds are so beautiful!

I was just in Metchosin at BC SPCA Wild ARC regarding the pelicans. Here's their donation wish. Any help appreciated!

The moon looked like this when it was rising tonight in #yyj! ->

Haha. Look at the tweet beneath yours. Appropriate ;)

Measuring the elevation of a bolt with Trimble high-precision GPS (accurate to within a millimeter).

On that note, what qualifies one to use "professional" toilet paper? And if you're not a pro, what then?

So who were the happy people holding the happy signs? Here's the front and back of the card the gave me.

Another protest of sorts near the Legislature. These folks are anti-negativity. Refreshing :) #yyj

Beautiful Harlequin Ducks off Clover Point -


Outdoor public boxing in #yyj I'm intrigued by this sport.

Traffic stopped at Johnson St. Bridge to allow protesters through. #idlenomore #defendourcoast #yyj

If you love BC's wildlife, have a look at Wild Arc's wish list. I'm happy to pick up items and deliver them. #yyj

Anti Monkey Butt?

This sassy dog amused me today as I walked to the blockade. Dog law: tables are for standing on.

One final image from the Victoria #idlenomore Coho ferry traffic blockade. #yyj

The #idlenomore blockade is allowing ferry traffic to leave the Coho terminal. The first driver departs, smiling #yyj

Liz Underwood is strong. She survived residential school and the suicide of her two sons. #idlenomore #yyj