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I'm obsessively opposed to the typical. Proud Mons†er ♥@ladygaga♥ @KhloeKardashian + @Pink are amazingly inspiring to me. #NOH8 @Calle13Oficial :)

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Dear Haters & Copycats: This is what we think about you and your comments.
Love, #Monsters

For all those that said Stefani Germanotta wouldnt be Famous. She's so amazing that doesn't care bout haters or fame

So TRUE :) #MonsterFact

#MonsterFact :)

Mejor dicho escuchando CQSQEP y leyendo... Discazo! Muy recomendable... Una de mis favoritas:

in love with this app, Don't judge me... It's addictive!
My ID (if someone wants) is ValenMonster. ;)

I love your new video! "Stupid Hoe" it's so original!

#viendonick :D Bob Esponja! Simplemente hizo mi niñez :)
Pasen el episodio de
I M A G I N A C I O N ;)

Everybody RT plz
STOP Bullying
STOP Human Trafficking
Today is Human Trafficking Awareness day

RT porfavor
STOP Bullying
STOP Human Trafficking

RT a esto porfavor!
STOP Bullying
STOP Human Trafficking

I think I had posted this pic 100000 of times but I'm gonna do it until sees it

I'm the purple one!
Did I won?

when you hear the word 'Panda' you immediately think of in japan! #MonsterFact

Who run twitter now? Six TTs on the same day! And yeah I'm counting #ElDiscoDelAño BORN THIS WAY BITCHES!

Someday will see this and maybe understand how much I love her! :') #MonsterLove #MonsterFollowback

#BubbleDreams #MonsterFamily Love you all! #MonsterFollowback ;) dream with this angel ;)

Like my gaga bitchhh!? I love you

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