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Shhh. I’m babysitting tonight. Check it out, she fell asleep watching TV. Awwww.

Survival tip: If you are dancing with a bear and she wants to lead, you let her lead.

Getting my taxes done. My accountant is working on a “honey expense” deduction. I anticipate an IRS audit this year.

I guess maybe his heart is in the right place but his execution is just pitiful. Good God, man! Have you no pride?

Another Taliban soldier surrenders to the top secret US Marine Bear Recon Team.

My grade school lunch box. It’s probably worth some money by now.

For some reason this bear is really pissed at Mark Twain?

Sometimes I pay the pizza delivery guy to watch Downton Abbey with me.


“Go on about your business, mister beekeeper. No one here but us scarecrows”.

Think for yourselves, kids. Don’t blindly buy into government propaganda.

Bears are notoriously unsuccessful door to door salesmen:

“Hello. Yes, this is Bear”.

No, YOU tell him it’s just a rock. I’d like to keep all my limbs.

Snuggle Bear is the Devil.

I lost $50 on this race.

Looks more like Judo to me.

Had another disastrous blind date over the weekend. Sigh.

Cubs learn at an early age - you don’t sass momma bear.

I wish i’d had this kind of relationship with MY grandpa. Sigh.

I wish I had this kind of relationship with MY grandpa. Sigh.

Told you bears are known for their dancing moves. These ladies are lining up for swing dancing lessons.