Duchess The Lab


Mom's Mobility Sevice Dog my 1st Job! Proud Member of #NipClub Monthly Sekurity Team, Barktender at #NipClub, Member of #PinkAngels, Wiggle Master!

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- Here da piccie of da game. Fanks so very very much! LUVS yoo xoxo

*lines up bar with all kinds of tropical drinks to hot sweaty pals* #NipClub Plz take whatever looks good!!

*lines up red beers* *adds crispy bacon curls & cheesy fries sprinkled with bacon bits & nip sprinkles* #NipClub

*lines up pink niptinits along bar* Help urselves to drinks! #NipClub

*puts pupcake onto plate & slides over* Here U go ENJOY! #CookiePawty

Oh yes SOOOO Cute & Nommie too! *puts pupcake on plate & slides over* Plz try 1 #cookiepawty

*puts bacon brownie onto plate & slide over* U gotta try dis too! ENJOY! #CookiePawty

*shake shake* *pours into tini glass & garnishes* *SMOOOCH* ENJOY! #CookiePawty

*places pupcake onto plate & slides over* ENJOY! #cookiepawty

*places pupcake onto plate & slides over* Great choice Here go ENJOY! #cookiepawty

*gets blender* Whrrrzzzzzzzzzzz *pours into rita glass* ENJOY! #cookiepawty

*places pupcake onto plate & slides over* Great choice! ENJOY! #CookiePawty

Tuna fishie cookies also very nommie LOOK #CookiePawty

Da pupcakes so very cute LOOK!! #CookiePawty

Me suggest bacon brownie or mint cookie shake! Bof delish http://bit.ly/12MstLH #CookiePawty SEE

*blends together sweet berries & ice* *garnishes & slides over* ENOY! #CookiePawty

*whips out blender* Whrrrzzzzzzz *pours into chilled glass* Here U go ENJOY! #CookiePawty

*runs to stove & pours out coffee & decorates* *swirls paw print* Here U go ENJOY! #CookiePawty

Sure! *shake shake* *pours into tini glass & adds garnish* *pulls out cold beer* ENJOY! #cookiepawty

*shake shake* *pours into tini glass* Here U go Lily! ENJOY *SMOOCH* #CookiePawty