Be afraid, be very afraid. We tried to kill Ewan McGregor and his friend. They made it around the world, but couldn't get through Calgary unscathed.

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Lots of rubber neckers coming from Airdrie to look at a semi in a ditch. #DriveYYC

At least he’s honest #gashog #DriveYYC

I love traffic on a long weekend Monday! #DriveYYC

Find one or pick up some of these.

Plate J-00158 almost hit a pedestrian Turing from 4th onto McLeod S. Too important to wait 30sec. #DriveYYC

EBY 263 weaving in and out of traffic to get one car ahead like a giant fucking douchebag. #DriveYYC

I bet you’re really proud of your wicked tailgating skills at 130k with a toddler in the front seat. #DriveYYC

ECZ-066 Seriously? You’re going 130 & following that close? Thanks for endangering so many people fucktard. #DriveYYC

Found Him! #WheresWaldo #DriveYYC

Another wicked park job, as you can tell he’s also a superb driver. #DriveYYC

Things you don’t see everyday… #DriveYYC

Hey dickhead, throwing a wave out the window after cutting across from the far right lane to turn don’t make it cool.

a few choice shirts from my drawer 2/2

a few choice shirts from my drawer 1/2

Like this?

Hey Might want to trim this up a bit. 7a St SW, almost to 38ave.

Ummmm, I think you might of hit a bird dude… #DriveYYC

Since you don’t understand what a solid white line means, consider yourself informed #DriveYYC

What part of “don’t block the intersection” do you idiots not get? Every friggin day! #DriveYYC

Tigger is on the road again! #DriveYYC

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