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A cute Tatsu to start the day. =^--^=

Stardust, gazing out beneath the glow of the crescent moon. <3

Ready to go to the Renaissance Festival. =^--^=

Eep! Dressed to dance & soon it will be time to head out! #stagefrighteverytime

Another kitty pie is about to go in the oven!

Found & caught the spider I mentioned in my blog yesterday... after a bit of flying and cat... drama. :}

Creepy lint "spider" scared me as I pulled the trap this morning. Stardust also tried to get it & was confused. :}

Look what came in the mail! Yay! <3 #lenka

Unpacking between calls at work. Behold! Best 8th day gift. Also where I learned to read sheet music w/my dad. :)

My lovely assistant, Stardust. =^--^=

I love you, fan. :} (It gets hot in my home office!)

And strawberry-rhubarb pie is ready for the oven! #bunnypie

Just did stitching repair on Stardust's favorite toy; she's already back to hauling it proudly around. :)

Stardust, making a pensive face at my office door as I head back in. Sorry, kitty!!

Now that I work from home, I am fairly sure Tatsu is glued to this perch all day. :}

Happy cuddle time with my Stardust. <3

A gift I left behind for the next person who sits at my cubicle. #pushpinart

I just set down this box for packing up work stuff tomorrow to work from home, and *this* happened. :}

The cute ways Tatsu sleeps. He frequently has his feet in the air while he dozes.

My fuzzy Valentine. <3