I'm not Normal, i'm a dedicated Minion to the overlord, a #Oncer, a part of the #TVDFamily & #SPNFamily & a TV Addict ;)

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This picture makes it hard for me not to ship Cockles

Here you go

Did you see Dick & Matt changed the theme for the Karaoke party

Just had to get #TheBlackGhost album I think this is the album for the upcoming week ;)

this is my MOFFAT face #SherlockianProblems

I love my #Twilight LP I can't wait to listen to it a 1,000 times #FullMoon put on repeat I think yes!

Just bought my first Doctor Who poster i'm excited :D

What if I sent you this picture for the next 31 days

Do you think this a great outfit for for the #NJcon Karaoke party ;)

This is my costume for Da karaoke party…

OMFG the Cover photo for the Season #Gr8 Dvd box set of #Superantural is gorgeous :D I must Pre Order it!

Mommy brought me the #EntertainmentWeekly magazine with #DoctorWho on it #ILoveMyMom :D

please tell me we're going to go see this in Imax 3D

I'm loving my Birthday gift from my best friend, a box of Wheat Thins with the Overlords / face on it :D

This ----> #accurate

I got myself a Disappearing Tardis cup :D #MakingTea

I got a good laugh from this #LesMisJokes

wearing plaid and my sammy jacket that I found #HunterStyle #SPNProbs

we should've gone to emerald city comic con

I love my outfit today #PlaidTuesday #HunterStyle #SPNProbs :D