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My faux-window is beginning to leak! D:

Got to West Covina before getting into major gridlock. =\ Ive got a long way to go, oy.

My wipers work SO well! >__>

One more update:


This is how well the tourney is going...

I saw a car with an F Word sticker today.

Omg WTF! A KANYE BANANA?! Imma let you finish, but I just wan' say that Chiquita had the best banana ever!

Spending my new year with Brennan, Brian and Matthew watching South Park Movie... And of course we're all singing along!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010!!

What an amazing, awesome, incredible find! This is my new favourite slot machine!!! :D

My shirt and jacket go together a little too well!

... Person was like, "Oh, the hedgehog?" For those who aren't familiar with my plate:

Wtf, when did Knuckles become Wolverine?!? >=(

Oh wow, what a coincedence. >_>

I found my beer!

Ow fuck! Ring pop was seriously stuck! X_x

Lol tarot readings at the meet!

This is what I see right now.

After cleaning out the shoe compartment in my closet I've discovered 26.5 pairs of shoes! WTF, I didn't know I had this Many!