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#oversoulcontest I didnt make this one just suggesting it its Leviathen,water,lines Enemy''Drown into the abyss!'' Player''No welcome party?!''

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#oversoulcontest Name-BoneMeal Element-Shadow Enemy Lines ''i am sharper than sharp'' Player Lines ''Mabye i should cut you some slack'' 1 Hit Attack-stab, 2 Hit Combo-stab,slash, 3 Hit Combo-stab,slash,side slash, 4 Hit Combo-stab,slash,side slash,jump back and pounce, 5 Hit Combo-5 twirl slashes, Block-raise blades from ground, Summon sword-needs 20 shadow charges does 10 damage and 2 over time, Bone cage-needs 8 shadow charges and enemy lose 3 turns, Cat Reflexes-just like in the game:D.THATS THE END from a fan-Ren

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#oversoulcontest Name-Timeouless Element-Chaos player and enemy lines ''my time is enless while yours in short!'' and a little story ''a beast that surpases the limit then the great Liontess'' Rare type. this is my secon cuz im bored again >:D By Ren heres a link for my photos so far

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#oversoulcontest Moves:regular attack-tail whip, 5 attack combo-wind breath, block-scales turn to stone.

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#oversoulcontest Name-Dragnathius Element-wind Lines-''Is it to windy or its just me''

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