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My Blade is The Blade that will pierce the Heavens ! Who The Hell Do You Think I Am! , (In summary I do stuff)

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Page 1 of the test chapter :3 and yes forge didn't have time to do his hair in this chapter so yeah LOL

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just a test page while I'm working out on something

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LOL Yami Is a total airhead but she is extremely strong she thinks everything her brother does is kawaii!

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^_^ Kuro a character you might get fond of together with his twin sister Yami they are the Oni no Kami Duo

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Line art I was working on :P nm for now

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Done LOL

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XD you'll probably see this guy in the manga so this is the King Of blades mode I couldn't draw the 1000 bladed wing in paper so yeah the left means life and the other is death the weapons in the back is a secret so stay tuned for some more lol and yes I need to work on my proportions XD

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Fades Cover page is done what do ya think

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:D Line art XD I know its not really my best since this isn't in flash LOL but atleast the color would pay for that I guess

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:D Cover page is done

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Well LOL I dunno XD

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Jackvin an older version :3 happy b-day although you cheated to see it so whatevs lol 12th june remember thats ur b-day man

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#oversoul Death God Slayer: for someone stuck in the Death God realm You gotta need to learn how to fight em off with either this epic sword or a stolen Scythe.

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b-day tanas my b-day katana for my black and blue the grey one Agyron Origins twisted mode b-day character and also my lil bro AkashiniTana

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Azure Dragons are Modeled to look like the Fore Dragon of the Northern Part of The multiverse Giga only generals and royalty are allowed to ride them

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Mana Fiends: Fiends and Archfiends who have fallen in the outskirts of the Azure Territory are resurrected to act as guards and surveillance to monitor/destroy any impending threat .

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well idk really XD I'm never serious

well idk really XD I'm never serious

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My favorite part of being me XD Made em all in 1 day I dunno coz I had alot of free time the original lethal 4 + 2 names mention on my next tweet

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Map/background concept XD Idk I felt like it maybe

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Both Generations of Forge Bladers Agyron And Ageon :3 and yes a possibly new katana not my personal but yes I've made 5 more weapons for your viewing pleasure

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