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My Blade is The Blade that will pierce the Heavens ! Who The Hell Do You Think I Am! , (In summary I do stuff)

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This is How The Whole thing will almost look like after its finished :3 ^O^ Draeceroths character as a test pilot and also Hecadoth as a test pilots blade

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Hecadoth The legendary untainted pure silver blade said that have been thrown into the seas for its next wielder to find though it was trapped and buried in the sand dunes under the the ocean and even when it has seen and experienced a lot of formidable battles it is legendary for not being scratched and or dented or even damaged despite everything

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Hecadoth the Pure Silver Blade ^O^ the pure realistic blade too LOL

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Solar Panels Oh wait what LOL Shogun Plates Update ^O^

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Slight update LOL

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o_O Talk about Beauty and Terror combined Ao No Oni Shinigami Dragon part 50% complete after the dragon part is the crazy shogun combo

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Giga Dragon Head LOL ^0^

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Just a preview on Something I'm working on nothing much LOL

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^O^ complete Primechus Chaos Successor

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Final preview for you peeps

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K guys Almost done Yay

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^_^ more preview :3 almost done

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Some new Eye Candy on my wip on my freinds armor like the realistic type shading LOL

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Well as promised I'm doing a good revamp for my good friend in facebook Joshua so yeah ^_^ Enjoy this little preview of my progress

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Shogun Spirit: Oh great! youv'e broken the first seal now I have to make sure this guy doesn't wake up what a drag Gahh!!!, I know I'll take it on you. Ao no Onigami Veteran form

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王の睡眠 O no suimin sleeping king (kanjii to english translation) Ao no Onigami Apprentice form.
A Being of such large amount of power is tightly sealed and locked away in his slumber only to awaken when hes name is to be mentioned by those he seeks hatred from. 8 blades ensure that this being is will never awaken and whomever shall dare to even touch him will be answering to unstable power of a thousand blades.

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as you guys suggested changed the feet and other lower parts and also added some extra details and accessories to the set :3

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XD forgot to post this LOL just some little fun to get me out of my nendroid addiction for awhile so I did a little painting for my favorite figure Saber :3 shes so kawaii don't you agree?

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XD so yeah I'm done with the armor part of my personal set including the cape so its time for some R&R. As I may have mentioned on the other WIP previews the armors or the whole sets name is Ao no Onigami( Blue Devil God in English Translation just for people who doesnt know much Japanese). So as I may have said in my tweets the armor consists of the combination of the ancient Japanese Samurai/Blade master and the modern type Japanese fashion(can be told from the headphones alone) but there is more to come while I'm finishing this set so yes I made the chucks for the guys and the sexy heel kick for the ladies. Enjoy and have a great time!

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