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XD Thoreal the hair of Gods trolol just kidding helm is done :D

  • 1386 days ago via site
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Wip dat helm

  • 1386 days ago via site
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just some more concept practice and troll improving on the right Agyron Blade Sage Mode XD and on the left troll Ivory with the manga type side silhoutte and corz a semi Os stance

  • 1386 days ago via site
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The amount of epicness of me and my manga pen :D Agyron (me ) & Darkon()

  • 1387 days ago via site
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XD k here ya go added some cool japanese scroll effects so it looks badass

  • 1387 days ago via site
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XD my female main character Ivory Gryphon with her ability cute soul well lets just say the more you stare at her the scarier the soul becomes

  • 1387 days ago via site
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LOL playing around whaddya think my mangas main character aoyami Kurometsu and his special abilty Dead black flashing it basically rots anything it touches and burns anything to ash :P

  • 1388 days ago via site
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Yep... you totaly look awesmazing with this face frame

  • 1389 days ago via site
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XD if Oversoul is a manga this is probably what it will look like lol :D

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Gathered around now coz 2 more peeps and hey what u think maybe I'll be part of this great team in the future lol

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Dat and XD 1st 2 characters of dat oversoul sketch wip

  • 1390 days ago via site
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yep too much trolling swag lol

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Yep pretty sure this is how I understand pop culture lol almost done just a few more

  • 1390 days ago via site
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Dat concept sketch XD

  • 1390 days ago via site
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tadda! wip on my adult version pencil style :D

  • 1391 days ago via site
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XD for all you anime fans out there and yes this is a pun pic I didn't make it just for fun shes from mirai nikki her name is yuno

Yuno its hard to remember the people we use to be its ever harder to run from when your girl is hell o crazy she said its to late make it I said i should least try but all the time that I wasted all of the bridges burnt down you wasted your life I chasing after guys now you paralyzed me stuck on this rhyme but this is not love coz even a man needs a bit of time your on your cellphone trying to call home all of the times I've runned from you where has my time gone bitch this is so wrong all those of your plans were made for two if freedom over girlfriends did exist you wont be chasing me like this all those your crazy antics full of shit one more stupid misscall this is it now your on your cellphone

  • 1391 days ago via site
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nm just some head concepts been 2 years since I held a pen and actually drawn anything on paper LOL

  • 1391 days ago via site
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I heard you like katanas LOL My Katana irl, keytana vr.1, keytana vr.2, Hecadoth, Tenshikimaru current version, Golden Katana, Blade sage tenshi katana, Onikimaru current version, Hisui Senkai form katana (Malikars former blades), Hisui shikkai form (Malikars former blades test vr.), Plasmatana for DGS(old concept ), Unknown sheated katana vr. 1, Unknown sheated katana Tenshinigami vr, Acceltana sheated version, and Acceltana unsheated version for Tenshinigami :D pretty much all of em but I think I'm missing one or 2 maybe

  • 1393 days ago via site
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My new avy Bleach style :D XD pretty spiffy isn't it

  • 1394 days ago via site
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5 hit combo coz your usual attacks won't work on me LOL yes the dragons animated and as usual I failed on the snappy gah I hate my timing anyways :3 here ya go oh yeah also removed the shogun plates for a bit coz I'm figuring out how to make them stable

  • 1397 days ago via site
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