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Meet , the braindead class of the #GOP and the #TeaParty. What? I didn't say it was high class. #tcot

No matter what conservative "christians" say, you are NOT broken. #ItGetsBetter #WBC

Oh snap, ! You been SERVED!

Well that's awesome, . Disparaging gays, insulting women- any other parts of SF's fan base to alienate?


Your 2nd Amendment right to any weapon you want is not sacred. Go ahead, argue with the guy who WROTE the Constitution.

The GOP better hope this hasn't been true for the last 4 years or they're in for a really rough next 4 years.

Educated guess combined w/ a lifetime of being good at judging people. Enjoy Inauguration Day, kiddo.

See (Kripke from BBT) describe President Obama's 2nd inauguration today. Classic.

Awful brave of to try to take money from America's retirees like that. Dumb, but brave.

I'd rather spend it on education, the homeless, the hungry, the sick, the injured. That's why I get called a socialist.

"Responsible" gun ownership. #GunAppreciationDay #NRA #tcot #GOP

Mine's the ability to easily & inadvertently piss off those with the most control over how good/bad my day is at work.

That's okay, we still know you were dumb enough to RT it without actually reading it. LOL

Thanks for the Follow, !

Happy Gun Appreciation Day! #NRA #tcot #GOP #lunatics

Actual tweets about Zero Dark Thirty. Did Saving Private Ryan make them want to kill Germans or are they just racist?