Prof. River Song


River Song. Doctor of archaeology. Travels with a mad man in a box. Pardoned from Stormcage as there is no longer any record of The Doctor.

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Just remember Clara... #doctorwho

  • 1432 days ago via site
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The Doctor taking a photo of me dressed as Melody Malone in Manhattan. He keeps it in his jacket pocket #doctorwho

  • 1433 days ago via site
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Dance with me Irene Adler! #doctorwho #sherlock

  • 1433 days ago via site
  • 279

The Doctor has promised to dance with me tonight *imagines how it will be* #doctorwho

  • 1433 days ago via site
  • 310

I told The Doctor to lose the santa hat before kissing me. I'm sorry everyone, I gave in. #doctorwho

  • 1438 days ago via site
  • 220

The Doctor is playing at being Sherlock Holmes & has me being his Watson. #doctorwho #sherlock

  • 1438 days ago via site
  • 228

The Doctor was surprised at what he found in 'his' stockings on Christmas morning. #doctorwho

  • 1439 days ago via site
  • 265

What you didnt see. My dress & the lovely christmas The Doctor & had together.. privately #doctorwho

  • 1439 days ago via site
  • 222

Kisses under the mistletoe. The Doctor & I. But not how you may think *winks* #DoctorWho

This is the alien Furby threat currently sitting on my hand. Its forcing me to love it! Doctor! Help me!

  • 1439 days ago via site
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Merry Christmas everyone, from myself & The Doctor. I love you all xx #DoctorWho #ChristmasCard

  • 1440 days ago via site
  • 241

The Doctor has 'borrowed' Santa's sleigh... All ELEVEN of him!! #Doctorwho

Nice try that Dalek, but snowmen rarely have plungers or gunsticks. Fail! #doctorwho

  • 1442 days ago via site
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A message from The Doctor about what really happened on Dec 21st 2012 (Apocalypse) & how he saved us. #doctorwho

  • 1443 days ago via site
  • 655

The Doctor has only had one Eggnog & he's already thinking he can hear Sants's sleigh bells #doctorwho #mattsmith

  • 1444 days ago via site
  • 189

I've made The Doctor get dressed up. What do you think? #doctorwho #mattsmith

  • 1444 days ago via site
  • 264

The Doctor in his new TARDIS console room (taken by me) Doesn't he look dapper? #doctorwho

  • 1445 days ago via site
  • 272

Excuse the self love, but my god, my parallel Alex Kingston is god damn sexy ->

  • 1447 days ago via site
  • 299

The Doctor is helping Santa this year, his TARDIS... sorry, his 'Sleigh' is acting up a bit. #doctorwho

  • 1447 days ago via site
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