She was the kinda girl that could say things that weren't that funny...

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I know, same. My dressing up dogs rule of thumb is its ok if for comedic reasons. Like this->

So the dog assessment went as expected. Dougal barked frequently, I apologised frequently. The look of a rejected dog

This was him last night looking for a toy. Sigh. He's smart but... A bit of a dick.

ha! Weirdly our dog is a pug x beagle. X reindeer.

I'm don't think I'm (that) cheap but when did it become the norm to pay $240+ for super fluro trainers like this?

also, check out this hamster eating a square cracker!

I'm addicted to buying #dog products/toys whenever on holiday. Today's stash:

Yesterday I was taught 'fingerknitting'. Consequently the concept of #Yarnbombing was introduced. The result? ->

Very tempted to buy this #Zombie clock at #unwrapped market today & thought maybe a Bday gift for ?

you too could get a profile pic like this !

A Friday night out is never complete without #DrWho bling! (Courtesy if )

ha! I never noticed! Needs a rewatch. Tho I'm often tempted to change my avatar to this ->

the LAST PAIR!! (Oh yeah baby) -->

Starting with Sangria at #spanishlongtable

:-D. I was young and thought I was invincible. Plus my bruise was spectacular!

is it still snowy? Then go to the Oslo toboggan run. BEST. FUN. EVER.

It's beer weather but G&T with thick cucumber will do. #alcoholicsummer

Hey , this is for you

ok fine. RS is more Eddy Sciz

My dog likes cuddles. And he likes your Doctor ring ;)